We have released a version for Cash 6-max
Play Spin&Go with a
perfect preflop strategy
Preflop Trainer for amateurs and professionals.
Stop losing money by applying new strategy in the real game.
Train your preflop in the real conditions. It will bring right automatism to your game.
Use coaches' charts
They have achieved serious success in poker and they are ready to share their strategies
Create your own strategy
Using the convenient chart editor. Flexible sizing values and the frequency of starting hands allow you to set any subtleties of the strategy
Analyze mistakes
Identify situations which are the most mistaken for you
Learn poker anywhere
Training is available on mobile devices too. Exercise anytime, anywhere
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Updated Jule 20
Отдельное спасибо за программу, давно была идея сделать что-то подобное, но знакомые программисты отказались из-за недостатка опыта.
Впечатления просто отличные. Хороший дизайн и очень удобно в использовании.
I am really happy that you are developing such a great software. I think this is very good, already tested it on my mobile.
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