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Spin and go preflop course from poker schools SteelPhoenix & Nerdside
One of the advantages of the SteelPhoenix & NerdSide pack is a specially designed training course with different levels of difficulty. Each lesson has hand and depth ranges to help you focus on the essentials. You won't waste time with obvious hands like 72o or AA, but you can practice borderline situations. This will allow you to memorize quickly the most frequent and difficult spots at the tables, and will also serve as a good tool for warming up before starting a session. Which will be useful for beginners and high stakes players. In addition, coaches will track statistics and update this course regularly.
Each lesson contains explanations from coaches and training goals (english version coming soon).
The Steel Phoenix & Nerd Side pack was developed by a group of trainers: nice2meet885, gunpowderr, and cathars1s.

Last results

Spin&go legend, coach at NerdSide
plays $250-500 limits
livetime EV: 500k+

Coach at SteelPhoenix
plays $100 limit
$40 - 65 cEV
$100 - 42 cEV

Coach at SteelPhoenix
plays 25-50€ limits
25€ - 65 cEV
50€ - 55 cEV

This pack contains charts for all frequent preflop situations against different types of players (fishes and regs), that are applicable at any limits.

3 max
SB vs BTN open shove
SB vs BTN min raise
SB vs BTN limp
SB vs BB
BB vs BTN open shove
BB vs BTN min raise
BB vs BTN 3x
BB vs BTN limp
BB vs SB open shove
BB vs SB min raise
BB vs SB 3x
BB vs SB limp
BB vs min raise + call
BB vs SB open shove
BB vs SB min raise
BB vs 3x
BB vs SB limp
For a better understanding of the material, some situations include text descriptions and there is a video review in Russian with an explanation of adjustments against various types of opponents.

BTN vs regs example for 11-12 bb

A training session similar to a real game is available to study the charts. You can choose the type of opponents, stack size, hand range, and the game situation.
After training, you can evaluate the results in the Statistics section.
And also see the mistakes.

You can buy SteelPhoenix & NerdSide course for $159. Upon purchase, a 1-month premium subscription is provided as a bonus (required for training, access to statistics, and creating your own charts). Access to the charts does not depend on a subscription, you can always use them.

When buying the pack, you can get the first month of training at Steel Phoenix or NerdSide school for free.Details

You can pay for the charts by credit card in the application. If you wish to pay by other means, such as Skrill or poker room transfer, please contact us via Skype PreflopHero.
SteelPhoenix & NerdSide
nice2meet885, gunpowderr, cathars1s
Game type
spin and go
November 13, 2020
Last update
January 18, 2021
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