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Spin and Go Flash preflop charts from LuckyPlayer7
Hello everyone, my name is Ilya, I am LuckyPlayer7 at Winamax. I have been playing spins for the last 3 years, in March this year I moved 80% to Nitro. Until 2020, I was the average reg of the 50th (regular spins) limit, but at the beginning of the year, I decided to completely change the approach to the training, which gave a strong boost in the game. I changed the strategy against fishes a lot, worked with many coaches, and began to work more with the GTO software. You can find in my pack adjustments against Winamax fishes, with which I have played more than 2 million hands in a year.

Last results
Expresso nitro at Winamax (Spin and Go Flash)
limit: $50
tourneys: 91693
chipsEV/tourney: 22
Expresso at Winamax (Spin and Go)
limit: $100
tourneys: 2463
chipsEV/tourney: 54
The pack contains charts against regs and fishes for Spin and Go Flash (up to 15 bb) with a step of 1 bb in short stacks for the following situations:

3 max
SB vs BTN open shove
SB vs BTN min raise
SB vs BTN limp
SB vs BB
BB vs BTN open shove
BB vs BTN min raise
BB vs BTN limp
BB vs SB open shove
BB vs SB min raise
BB vs SB limp

BB vs SB open shove
BB vs SB min raise
BB vs SB limp

3max SB vs BB 11bb vs fishes example

A training session similar to a real game is available to study the charts. You can choose the type of opponents, stack size, hand range, and the game situation.
After training, you can evaluate the results in the Statistics section.
And also see the mistakes.

You can buy Spin and Go Flash preflop charts from LuckyPlayer7 for $149. Upon purchase, a 1-month premium subscription is provided as a bonus (required for training, access to statistics, and creating your own charts). Access to the charts does not depend on a subscription, you can always use them.

You can pay for the charts by credit card in the application. If you wish to pay by other means, such as Skrill or poker room transfer, please contact us via Skype PreflopHero.
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spin and go flash
December 22, 2020
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